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Top caves in Ibiza to visit by boat

Top calas barco Ibiza

Do you want to know the best caves you can visit from a boat in Ibiza? Here we are going to indicate the 6 caves that we recommend to all our clients.

Ibiza is an island that stands out for its incredible natural attributes, which have made this place a meeting point and cultural exchange. Thanks to its delicious gastronomy, paradisiacal beaches and incredible architecture, we can get away from the stress and worries to enjoy a unique holiday.

But to guarantee a complete experience it is advisable to rent a boat, which allows us to visit the most exclusive and curious places. This is because by sailing we can get to know nature first-hand and see the island’s landscapes from another angle. It is even ideal to enjoy the caves and their sunsets. That’s why we recommend the 6 best caves in Ibiza to visit by boat.

1. Sant Vicent Cave

Sant Vicent is an ideal cave to visit as a family, either by boat or car, as it has many services that make it more comfortable. Among them are hammocks, parasols, sails, a small shopping area and water sports, among others.

It is a paradisiacal cave where the water always remains turquoise, while the surrounding cliffs are crowned by pines and junipers, which in turn contrast with the toasted sand of the shore. Cala de Sant Vicent is also considered an urban beach where we can find a varied gastronomic offer and even apartments and hotels for accommodation.

2. Salada Cave

This is one of the most recommended caves to visit by boat, due to the tranquility it gives us. It stands out for being somewhat hidden, surrounded by lots of nature and rocks. Although the cave is sandy, the bottom is rocky, so it is recommended that the anchorage is between 4 and 8 meters with probe. It is one of the favourite destinations to go and watch the sunset.

3. Canaret

Canaret, better known as caló des porcs is a cave with difficult access on foot or by car, which makes it very quiet and ideal for visiting by boat. Its paradisiacal colours allow us to relax and enjoy nature to the full. It is a perfect destination to go with family, friends or children.

In this cave we will be able to appreciate the sunsets from another angle and spend a great day, full of joy and enjoyment. Anchoring can be done on the sand, next to a rock, with a depth of between 5 and 6 metres.

4. Port Roig

It is the ideal destination for all those who rent a sailboat, due to its size, tranquility and the color of the waters. A very characteristic feature of this cave is the ease with which you can anchor, as it is a very sheltered area from the winds. In this cave we can enjoy greater privacy to be with our family. It is advisable to use a probe of between 5 and 10 metres on the seaweed and sand bottom.

5. Portitxol Cave

It is a cave formed by gravel and rocks, which has a very reduced size. To be exact its length is about 90 meters. It’s placed to 6 kilometres of San Miguel’s port and is very known by his enormous beauty and incredible paradisiacal colors. It has a rocky and sandy bottom, which makes the anchorage must be 5 meters with a probe. It should be noted that only small boats can access this cave.

6. Vadella

Vedella is a cave in Ibiza that is highly recommended to visit by boat because it is safe to anchor in, as it is quite deep. It also has a natural charm, which is surrounded by nature and rocks. This in turn slows down the wind and makes anchoring much more stable. The ideal is to anchor between 3 and 4 meters.

These are some of Ibiza’s top caves to visit by boat. If you would like to know more about them or are looking for a place to rent a boat, contact us. In Rent a Boat Ibiza we have a wide variety of boats, which will adapt to your tastes, needs and budget.