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Rent of motor boats in Ibiza

Do you want to know the best way to enjoy the sea of Ibiza? Do you want to discover its beautiful waters? Today it is possible thanks to the rental of boats in Ibiza. This is because these boats give us many advantages such as speed, safety and mobility.

In Boat Rental Ibiza we have boats equipped and ready to move you and your loved ones. Our rental processes are fast and simple, we also have professionals who will be responsible for providing a unique and unparalleled experience.

Advantages of renting motor boats in Ibiza

Renting a motor boats in Ibiza will allow you to enjoy an incredible vacation, because these boats have more than twelve meters. They will guarantee you all the comforts you need to enjoy a day of rest at sea.

This type of boat is characterized by its lightness and speed, with it you will be able to move easily between the beaches and coves of Ibiza. One of the great attractions of this part of the Mediterranean Sea is its restaurants, which are usually only accessible by water vehicles. That is why a boat is perfect to know the most attractive places of Ibiza and at the same time to be able to savor the best banquets.

Up to eight people can be transported in one boat in great comfort. In addition, among all the boats that exist, the boats are the easiest to drive thanks to their size.

Who should rent a motor boat in Ibiza?

All people who wish to enjoy their peace and privacy on holiday should consider renting a boat in Ibiza. On board this boat we can go into the sea and have fun with our loved ones.

When families travel with children, renting a boat makes it possible to keep them safe and under surveillance. Therefore, these boats are ideal for anyone visiting Ibiza. But there are more advantages when there are children and you want to enjoy privacy in the middle of the sea.

What aspects should be taken into account when renting motor boats in Ibiza?

When we proceed to rent boats in Ibiza we have several options, but we must evaluate well which is the most appropriate for us. What should be taken into account mainly is how long you will be renting for. It is possible to do so for a few hours, half a day or the whole day.

In addition, we must consider certain questions such as whether a crew will be hired, because if we decide to rent it without a captain, it is essential to have the corresponding qualification. The only exception is to be of legal age, that the boat is less than five meters long and that the power is 15cv.

Let’s not forget to take into account the people who will be attending the tour, remembering that a boat can hold up to eight people. We recommend that you do not board more than 8 individuals, as it is not safe and decreases comfort.

Why rent motor boats in Ibiza with us?

Renting a motor boat in Ibiza can be a very complicated and tedious task if you don’t have the right information and advice. That’s why we will help you no matter what your needs are. If you visit Ibiza and want to enjoy its waters in a unique way, contact us.

In Ibiza boat rental we are known for our long history, as well as our excellent reputation and our crew, who are specialized in handling water vehicles. We even adapt to people’s budgets so that both parties benefit. Do not hesitate to contact us, no matter what time of year, we always have boats available.