In Alquiler Barco Ibiza we specialize in the rental of all types of boats with or without a skipper.

Our company has different boats that can be rented by the hour or by the day. From 5m long boats to luxury yachts.

If you are looking to rent a boat in Ibiza to enjoy its coves or if you prefer to go to Formentera, in Ibiza Boat Rental we have what you are looking for.

What kind of boat do you want to rent?

Boats with skipper

Renting a boat with a skipper in Ibiza is a very good solution if you do not have any license to carry any boat. In our service of boat rental with skipper, you can choose different modalities, by hours or by days.

Undoubtedly, a success for those who want to enjoy the transparent waters offered by the island without having to worry about anything.

In addition, our skippers have extensive knowledge of the area and can advise you on corners or coves that you should not miss!

Without skipper

For the most daring and independent! If you have a sailing license, PER or PNB you can rent any of our boats in Ibiza.

Renting a boat in Ibiza without a skipper, is the best way to enjoy the best coves and beaches in a different way, far from the crowds to access by car or walking.

In addition, you can rent any of our boats by the hour or by the day and choose the size of the boat depending on the number of people who want to go.

Our available boats for rent in Ibiza

Rent motor boats Ibiza

Motor boats

Rent Yachts Ibiza


Rent Megayachts Ibiza


Rent Sailboats Ibiza


Rent catamarans Ibiza


Jetski Rental Ibiza


Why rent our boats in Ibiza?

We are aware that there are many boat rental companies and that the offer is very varied, but if you have found us it is because we are one of the best boat rental websites.

Our company offers many types of boats so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs, from small boats up to 6m that do not need a skipper and are ideal for touring the nearest coves to super yachts that include all the amenities.

The island of Ibiza, apart from its nightlife, is an extraordinary place that if you want to enjoy in its fullness, the best way to do so is by boat. This will allow you to enjoy a privileged view of all the coves and beaches that cannot be reached from the shore. Not to mention the traffic jams, early risers, walks and queues you avoid.

In Boat Rental Ibiza we offer you the opportunity to rent any of our boats for hours, days and weeks at your disposal. We assure you that everyone who tries, no longer wants to return to Ibiza without renting a boat.


Advantages of renting a boat

  1. Avoid high maintenance costs: for those who love sailing, renting a boat is the best solution to enjoy the sea in their free time without having to absorb the high maintenance costs of a boat.
  2. Intimacy: having a boat provides you with great intimacy and freedom of movement.
  3. Saves time: those who have visited the island by car will know about the queues and traffic jams that form when visiting certain coves. With the boat all this disappears and you can visit several coves in the same day.
  4. Availability: by renting a boat in Ibiza you are guaranteed to always have the boat in perfect condition and always fully available for the times you indicate.
  5. Capacity: depending on the day, you can choose the flexible boat rental to adapt it to the capacity needs you want at all times.
  6. Accommodation: for the more daring, you can choose to rent a boat with the possibility of spending the night on it. We have yachts or super yachts that have all the comforts to make them a holiday stay.
  7. Activities: renting a boat in Ibiza is synonymous with fun. With a boat you can do a lot of different activities every day like fishing, snorkeling, water skiing, visiting coves, paddle surfing…

FAQS about renting a boat in Ibiza

FAQS about renting a boat in Ibiza

Can I rent a boat if I don’t have any qualifications?

Fortunately, Spanish legislation provides for certain boats that can be rented when you are of age. These are boats of less than 5m in length and a maximum power of 15hp. You must always do it in good weather conditions and not move away from the coast more than 2 miles.

How many people can fit on a boat?

It depends on the boat you choose. We have boats for rent for 5 people up to the largest mega yachts that can accommodate 12 people, even for sleeping.

Is the skipper included in the price?

Our boat rental prices in Ibiza do not include the skipper, which must be hired separately, depending on the boat chosen.

Does the price include fuel?

No, the price of fuel is not included.