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Jet Ski Rental in Ibiza

Are you looking to rent a jet ski in Ibiza for a day of fun in a big way? Look no further, you’ve just come to the right place.

In Boat Rental Ibiza, we have different types of jet skis for rent so you can enjoy them in different ways.

With the arrival of summer, in addition to boat rental, jet skis are a unique experience that we recommend to all lovers of adrenaline because it provides a feeling difficult to describe.

The waters of the island of Ibiza are perfect for the practice of this sport, because they are usually calm waters that allow almost everyone to enjoy this activity.

Rent your jet ski in Ibiza now

Within the whole offer that we offer the companies of rent of jet skis, we can stand out for the variety of modalities that we offer depending on the objective that you have.

1. Closed circuits of 15 to 30 minutes

Without a doubt the best known on all the Spanish coasts. It is a good option for those who want to begin to handle this boat and take their first sensations, always supervised by a monitor or for those who want a short “high” of adrenaline for a modest price. Discover what it feels like to drive a Jet Ski at full speed.

This activity takes place in a circuit delimited by beacons and our monitors will give you the necessary notions so that you can know how it works.

2. Jet ski tour

Our excursions or tours on jet skis around Ibiza are without doubt the most popular activity on our website.

Unlike other coastal areas in Spain, Ibiza is undoubtedly one of the richest in terms of coves and fabulous beaches with turquoise waters. That’s why jet-ski excursions are the perfect alternative to get to know all this marine wealth from a different perspective.

You can choose between different tours that range from one hour to 6 hours. Depending on the time chosen, different sites are visited, always accompanied by an expert guide who leads the expedition to guarantee its success. In the case of having a license that accredits the use of jet skis, you can do these tours on your own.

Recommendations for jet ski rentals

  • Certification: for the rental of jet skis “for free” it is required at least the navigation license (jet skis without power limit and boats up to 6 meters) or the GNP (jet skis without power limit and boats up to 8 meters)
  • Speed: jet skis can reach high speeds and the feeling in the water makes it multiply.
  • Separation: we recommend that you do not approach within 50 meters of another boat or beacon.
  • Life jacket: the use of the life jacket is mandatory for all the occupants of the jet ski.
  • Sailing areas: some of the prohibited sailing areas are commercial ports (except for going to and from the marina), bathing areas, access channels to ports, anchoring areas and areas with a high concentration of boats.

Prohibited areas for the use of jet skis in Ibiza

Although we have the perception that in the sea of Ibiza it is possible to circulate around any place on a jet ski, the reality is very different. In order to protect and preserve the seabed there are certain areas that are not navigable for these boats. You should know that the Las Salinas Natural Park does not allow the use of jet skis, which extends to Formentera.

Frequently asked questions about jet skis in Ibiza

Frequently asked questions about jet skis in Ibiza

Does the price include fuel?

Jet Ski rental prices include fuel except in the prices for hours and days without monitor.

How many people can ride a jet ski?

On the jet ski models we have available, up to three people can go, but we recommend a maximum of two.

Do you need a degree to rent a jet ski?

If you do not want to choose a modality in which you are supervised by one of our guides, you need to have a degree.

Can I go to Formentera with the jet ski?

No, it is not allowed to go with our jet skis to the island of Formentera, besides there is prohibited the use of these boats.