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Rent Megayachts in Ibiza

Renting mega yachts in Ibiza is one of the greatest luxuries that we can acquire on this famous island. This kind of boat has all the attributes that a yacht can offer, from swimming pools to large cabins. Renting a mega yacht is the best choice to enjoy the sea.

Do you want to spend your days in Ibiza on a mega yacht? Pay attention to everything we say. We will explain you the main aspects that you should take into account when you rent a boat of this size.

Who should rent a mega yacht in Ibiza?

In case you want to plan a party in the middle of the sea, the best option is to rent mega yachts in Ibiza. To spend a great time with friends it is not necessary that the yacht is in the dock. Being in the middle of the sea still gives the same benefits.

Mega yacht charter is for those who want to enjoy luxury and many services in one space. The boats of this type that are destined to the rent arrive to measure up to 72 meters and have several floors. Therefore, those who plan a trip of several days to the sea with a large group, must rent a mega yacht.

It is normal that when we see in videos people enjoying the sea in incredible yachts, the desire to have one is born. However, something we do not see in these images is the expense involved in owning such a luxury, not only in maintenance, but in anchoring. For those who want to avoid these high costs, it is best to rent one.

Benefits of renting a mega yacht in Ibiza

The mega yachts include all the amenities we can imagine, such as kitchen, cabins, pools, bar and deck space. In addition, some include sports games such as jet skis. We can say that these boats are a private and miniature cruise.

The experiences on board a mega yacht are completely personalized. What people who rent mega-yachts in Ibiza like best is privacy. It is no secret that these beaches are full of people, a mega yacht allows you to enjoy with family and friends in a quieter environment.

What should be taken into account when renting Megayachts in Ibiza?

The first thing to remember is the budget that we have, the rent of all the megayachts do not have the same price. So it is important that before choosing the boat to rent, we carefully evaluate the money we are willing to invest.

A very interesting point is the season in which we will rent the mega yacht, considering that in the high seasons everything is more expensive. What many do to avoid the law of supply and demand is to rent the boat a couple of months in advance.

Finally, it is relevant to have established how many people are going to embark on the megayacht we rent. Size is the factor that ensures comfort inside the boat. In the yachts that have this space, more than ten people easily enter.

Where to rent Megayachts in Ibiza?

It is true that on this island there are many agencies that are dedicated to the rental of mega yachts, to choose one we must take into account the reputation and experience. Rent Boat Ibiza is a company in which many people trust.

Our experience in renting mega-yachts shows the responsibility and personalized attention we offer. Our boats can be rented by the day or by the hour. On board of our megayachts you will live the best experiences at sea.

In spite of being large boats, we give you personalized budgets and advice on boat rentals. Do you want to rent a mega yacht in Ibiza? Contact us.