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TOP 7 places to snorkeling


Snorkeling has become an essential water activity of the holidays at sea thanks to its ease of practice and being a fun and friendly sport. Take advantage of renting a boat in the Mediterranean to learn or improve the practice of this leisure activity. Warm and crystal clear waters, few waves, lots of sun, a rich and unique underwater ecosystem, the Mediterranean Sea promises magnificent explorations for snorkelers! Although this sea represents only 0.7% of the surface of the oceans, it constitutes one of the largest reserves of marine and coastal biodiversity, with 28% of endemic species and 7.5% of the world’s fauna and 18% of marine flora.

Do you want to know the best places to snorkeling in the Mediterranean? Here we’ll show you:

Medas Islands in Catalonia (Spain)

Located one kilometre from the seaside resort of Estartit on the Costa Brava, this archipelago formed by seven islands and some uninhabited islets has been declared a Protected Natural National Park for over 20 years. A highly protected ecosystem that offers an abundant fauna and flora with more than 1300 different species to observe, a fantastic corner in Spain for divers!

Rossa Island in Sardinia

Situated in the northwest of Sardinia, the Isola Rossa is full of small coves easily accessible by boat and is ideal for exploring many species of rare fish, but especially moray eels, which have become the main attraction for snorkeling enthusiasts in Isola. Rossa.

Lavezzi Islands in Corsica

With a paradisiacal coastline, crystal-clear waters and magnificent mountainous landscapes, Beauty Island also has several marine protected areas. The Lavezzi Islands are located in the south of Corsica, they have been preserved for almost 40 years. Divers will immediately fall under the spell of its small rocky coves, which are home to thousands of submerged lives, a good example of Mediterranean biodiversity.

Għar Lapsi in Malta

This natural rocky cove allows divers to swim in blue-green waters over 200 meters from reefs and see wild fish species such as seahorses, eels and rays.

Port-Cros National Park in France

The French Mediterranean coast extends for more than 900 kilometers, so find strategic places to dive like a child. Particularly in the coastal archipelago of the Hyères Islands, the Port-Cros – Porquerolles National Park is home to many fish and unique underwater landscapes in its clear waters.

Elafonisi Beach in Crete

Crete also offers snorkeling sites with paradisiacal landscapes thanks to exceptional visibility and a varied ecosystem. Located in the southwest of Crete, the white and pink sand beach of Elafonisi gives the impression of being in a southern sea lagoon. Optimal conditions in an amazing and unique place, all the conditions are met to enjoy a snorkel walk at its true value!

Island of Zante in Greece

This fabulous island is known for its immense cliffs that house spectacular underwater caves, also known as the Island of Zakynthos is a sublime place to snorkel in the Mediterranean thanks to its clean waters and rich in marine life. Coloured fish, loggerhead turtles… put on your masks and snorkel!