Located off the west coast of the Spanish Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands are the main sailing area of Spain. Composed of four main islands ( Mallorca , Menorca , Ibiza and Formentera ) each one of them with different environments and plans depending on the holidays you are looking for, boat rental in these islands offers hundreds of coves, each one more beautiful than the other, dream beaches with turquoise waters, exceptional diving, varied landscapes and a multitude of anchorages.

In short, without a doubt one of the paradises of the Mediterranean! Although each of the islands of the archipelago is worth seeing, it is often very difficult to make a choice as they have much in common and we have limited time on vacation. Between the two largest islands of the archipelago, Mallorca and Menorca, the heart of sailors and tourists sways…

We will now give you the keys to decide on one of the two islands on your first trip, even if you don’t forget to visit the one you have left next year!


Located to the northeast of its sister island Mallorca, Menorca is the most virgin island of the Balearic archipelago. Indeed, the island was recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO on October 8, 1993. Much less frequented by tourists, renting a boat in Menorca will be an opportunity to enjoy wild coves and typical Mediterranean landscapes without having to go on long walks to reach them. The island of Menorca wishes to preserve its tranquillity by limiting mass tourism.


But is Menorca your perfect holiday destination? Here’s our little helper:

  1. Responsible tourism: if you are a nature lover and sensitive to the environment, Menorca is your destination. It is classified as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, home to 70 endemic species and 70 protected beaches. The island is the natural habitat of hundreds of animal and plant species and you can enjoy its magnificent hiking trails. Nature predominates there and you can enjoy its protected and varied landscapes. Menorca is the perfect place to come and relax in contact with nature.
  2. The most beautiful anchorages: during your holidays in Menorca you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful coves of the Balearic Islands. Each one more beautiful than the other, the coves are secret and wild which, for some, can only be reached by boat. During your sailing you will be able to discover exceptional anchorages such as Port Mahón, one of the largest natural harbours in the world or Fornells, a fishing village located in the north of Menorca. And don’t forget to go to Cala Tortuga, a real corner of paradise that is home to many species of birds.
  3. Impressive landscapes: whether on foot, by bike or even on horseback, travel along the virgin coastline taking, for example, El Cami de Cavall which runs along the island and admires the impressive view. Also visit the many coves of the island with a postcard decoration among shining volcanic rock, white sand and turquoise water.


Located off the coast of Valencia and Barcelona, Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands. Often reduced to its mass tourism, Majorca is nevertheless a charming destination and a true “natural” Mediterranean destination. In fact, if you are looking for wilderness and authenticity, Mallorca is ideal for you. And if you decide to embark on the adventure and rent a boat in Mallorca, your holiday will be marked by majestic cliffs, translucent and turquoise waters, olive trees, vineyards, idyllic coves, hiking trails and typical villages. The island of Mallorca is a complete destination ideal for boat rental.

But is Mallorca your perfect holiday destination? Here’s our little help:

  1. Celestial coves: with its more than 555 kilometres of coastline, there is no shortage of beaches and coves in Mallorca and we believe, they have nothing to envy to the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. There is something for everyone: coves with fine sand, pebbles… and contrary to popular belief, it is very possible to find virgin beaches that are mostly only accessible on foot or by sea. You can find yourself almost alone in the world, surrounded by cliffs and immersed in water so crystalline that it becomes almost unreal. Among the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, we find Cala Agulla, Cala Mondrago, Es Trenc, Port de Pollença… and the list is still long as the island has more than 200 beaches.
  2. Typical towns and villages: despite its tourist success, Mallorca has preserved its Mediterranean island soul. You can visit beautiful typical villages with narrow streets, stone houses, flowery pavements and the local population is warm and welcoming.
  3. History and monuments: if you are looking for history and monuments during your holidays, you should definitely visit Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Balearic Islands. In fact, the old town of Palma is full of magnificent places and we like to get lost in the middle of small cobbled streets. Within the capital, we find the mixture of cultures and the city’s monuments make it possible to understand the mix of civilizations throughout the ages. The symbol of the city is none other than the famous Cathedral of Palma, a true architectural masterpiece.